Raining on the Dance Floor All Over the World

TeamH_Rainyforecast />

Today is the last Sunday of June and in the US that means Pride Day. Every event needs a good theme song so my choice is Raining on the Dance Floor by Team H. 

Their album Driving to the Highway drops July 16th. This little teaser was released almost a week ago and I can’t wait for entire video or MV as it’s called in Korea.

Until then, enjoy the teaser!  

Photo Credit: Tamitra Williford

Big Brother Kurt Jung 2014 Birthday

BB_final cake

June 23rd (10:00 AM CST) – June 24th (9:59 AM) in a Facebook event, I was able to see the fruits of a collaboration. The dream of DJ BB Kurt Jung Group, Team H JKS & BB, and BigFANS Bigbrother Indonesia was realized when at the end of our Twitter event, we got confirmation that Big Brother Kurt Jung had received the birthday cake sent to him on his birthday – June 24th. We though we came from different countries, we were able to get a cake company in Seoul, Korea to deliver to Jang Keun Suk’s entertainment company Tree J. (Big Brother is one half of Team H along with hallyu star Jang Keun Suk).

Organizers for the event were: WaterBaby Janus Eel, Tamitra Williford, Susann McGovern, Diana Higashiyama Trudnowski, Aleph Antonio Mejía, Hanna Kim, Andin Jung Hye In, Dais Scruse, and Sao Sokunthea Meng

Contributors: Diana Trudnowski, Susann McGovern, Tamitra Williford, M’Lyn Spinks, Jill Fuller, Lee Anna, Yulistia Fitrawati, Cheong Huey Ling, Mamacri Chan, WaterBaby JanusEel, Aleph Antonio Mejía

Confirmation was through a tweet from Stephanie Kim, friend of Kurt Jung, and was a guest artist on Party Tonight by Team H. I am a listener of her radio show Sound K on Arirang Radio and asked her on her message board if she could ask him if he got our cake and she did on Twitter!